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Delave Inc. was started by two graduates from San Jose State University in 1984, Javier Vega and Frank De La Cruz. Their initial business started out of the local flea market selling tee shirts. From here their investments grew as follows;

  1. In 1987 opened a screen printing tee shirt factory,

  2. In 1990 partnered up with DFS Shoppers, a major global airport retailer, to operate the retail concessions at the San Jose International Airport.

  3. In 1990 also acquired a Bay Area 5 store sporting apparel retail chain and sold it in 1997.

  4. In 1996 won an additional airport concession at San Francisco International Airport.

  5. In 1997 won a second airport concession at SFO.

  6. In 1998 merged the SFO airport concessions with operators from the LAX to form PGC.

  7. In 2001 moved its tee shirt screening printing business from San Jose CA to Ensenada, MX.

  8. In 2002 started DeLaVe Real Estate Investments LLC.

  9. In 2007 we started DeLaVe Realty Mortgage Inc.

  10. As of mid year 2006 our companies had total employment base of approximately 250 employees. We currently operate in San Jose, San Francisco and Ensenada, MX.